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Jayla's Story

Our beautiful baby girl, Jayla Celia Quinones, was born August 25, 2020.  She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma at just 10 months old in July of 2021.  10 months later she gained her angel wings on Memorial Day, 2022. She was just 21 months old.


Jayla loved music, dancing, bubbles, and bunnies!  She also loved books!  Some of the books I had to read everyday to her were, "Love - I Love You All The Time!" by Emma Dodd, "Guess How Much I Love You" by Sam McBratney, and "Cuddle Bear" by Claire Freedman.  Each of these books of course had bunnies!  Another must for everyday was music.  It’s what would distract her, it’s what would entertain her and she had serious moves to dance along! Her absolute favorites were Leo P, Lucky Chops, Too Many Zoos, Grace Kelly, Claudio Santaluce and Juan Luis Guerra.  Her music taste was very unique!  Songs from all of these artists would play every single day, she even had her own playlist.  Instead of asking for kid shows she would say “Chair?! Dance?! Chops?!”  This meant I had to pull up the hospital chair for her in the room so she can dance on it while listening to Lucky Chops.  


Jayla was truly the happiest baby.  She literally would have a dance party while nurses would chant “Go Jayla! Go Jayla!” all while getting chemo! She would smile at everyone and everyone who had to come by and check her would leave with the biggest smile.  Her happiness would spread to all who saw her. Even after everything she was going through, her first phrase was “Be Happy, Happy!” 

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